Why join the Norwegian part of NorStella?

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Does your business need inspiration and a meeting place to keep up with the digital transformation that is affecting us all in these times?

As a neutral bridge-builder between public and private Norway, we are keen to share experiences across sectors.

Members of NorStella experience being updated on relevant topics, get a meeting place for discussion and exchange of experience, as well as a network

which provides great value.

Network membership

Free participation in NorStella's seminars, breakfast meetings and networking groups for up to three participants per member company at each meeting
Participation in relevant consultation processes that NorStella initiates or is invited to submit a statement on
Networks in the networks (via our natural partners)
Price NOK 9500, - excl. VAT / year

NODI membership

Free allocation of one NODI number for electronic customs clearance
Free access to our DOKSENTER
Deltagelse i relevante høringsprosesser som NorStella tar initiativ til eller blir invitert til å avgi uttalelse på
Participation in relevant consultation processes that NorStella initiates or is invited to submit a statement on
Price NOK 1995, - excl. VAT / year

Founder membership / personal member

Equal benefits as Network members

As an entrepreneur, you must meet two of the following three conditions:

  • Existed for less than three years

  • Up to 2 employees

  • Turnover of less than one million kroner

Price NOK 1.995, - excl. VAT / year

The membership in NorStella is valid for 12 months from the date of registration. Membership is automatically renewed for a new 12-month period if it is not terminated in writing to norstella@norstella.no at least 3 months before the new period begins.


The reason for this is that NorStella's organization needs a certain degree of predictability. We scale our business based on the financial basis, and this is done primarily through the members' annual contributions. In the event of an early notice of termination, NorStella saves administrative resources related to unnecessary invoicing and reminders. In addition, it is possible to make plans as early as possible based on the number of members.

EPOST:  aktivitet@norstella.no


EPOST:  norstella@norstella.no



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