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ID Number for identification in TVINN

The NORSTELLA Foundation assigns NODI numbers on authorization from the Norwegian Customs Authority. NODI number is a prerequisite for adopting electronic customs clearance (TVINN) and transit (NCTS). On the following pages you will find information about:

  • Ordering a NODI number The NODI number is assigned within a couple of days after the order has been receivedHere you will find a form to order ID no. / NODI no. to TVINN / NCTS. 

  • Overview of TVINN and NCTS suppliers Here you will find an overview of companies that supply solutions for TVINN/NCTS.

  • Doc-senter In our Doc-senter you will find various downloadable Implementation Guides for customs clearance against Tvinn, and the possibility of ordering them. Notification manual for Electronic Transit and Advance Notification.

  • TrackandTrace / Transport XML TransportJob and the TrackAndTrace messages is based on simple Transport XML.

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