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Oxalis – the leading PEPPOL Access Point


Oxalis is the leading open source implementation supporting the provision of PEPPOL eDelivery Services (AS4) for the PEPPOL network. Provided below is a short introduction to Peppol and Oxalis.


  • A set of artifacts and specifications (owned and maintained by OpenPEPPOL)

  • Enables trading partners to exchange standards-based electronic documents over the PEPPOL network. These documents include e-Orders, e-Advance Shipping Notes, eInvoices, eCatalogues, Message Level Responses, etc.

PEPPOL Access Points (i.e. Oxalis):

  • Connect users to the PEPPOL network and exchange electronic documents based on the PEPPOL specifications.

  • Buyers and suppliers are free to choose their preferred single Access Point provider to connect to all PEPPOL participants already on the network. (‘Connect once, connect to all’).

For more information about Oxalis, visit:

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